Penny Gems! Nexus Ops

Penny Gems in hand

I’ve been making Penny Gems and I’m very pleased. So far I’ve made 20 per color (I’ve got the Color of Magic set), which appears to be enough to satisfy many gaming needs.

And I’ve been using the gems to represent rubium resources (1, 3, 5 denominations) in Nexus Ops, a light resource-building war game set in The Future. The Token of Appreciation comes in handy as a start player marker in the game.

Nexus Ops with Penny Gems Nexus Ops Penny Gems as Rubium Start player token plus rubium

Basically, any game that has a number of token chips or simple markers is ripe for the replacement with Penny Gems. I plan to take pictures and blog the prettiness of Penny Gems for the world to see.