Clarion Write-a-Thon 2012: Day 2

This update is one day late.

Yesterday, in the very early morning, I wrote 830+ words on an introductory scene to Psann after quite a few things happened, which is where I think actual stories with the character will pick up. We’ll see; it’s still hard for me to connect the dots between how Psann was at the beginning, to how he is in the “present”, much less the future.

I’m behind but I hope to get some more writing time in today. I got to sleep last night, and that was refreshing. I really need to get a regular sleeping schedule in place; Ambien alone is not enough at times to fight the insomnia.

Originally the first scene of this dual pair was 500 words long, and it’s expanding enough that I think I’ll count the dual scenes as two separate scenes rather than one.