Commit log #3

Three good things:

1. I managed to overcome overwhelming dread, panic, and fear by letting them in and pulling them apart, drilling down to their core reasons for existence, and then logically eliminating said reasons. It took a while, and my composure was a bit compromised, but I managed it well enough to go through a day of work.

2. Work life began to click together. I’m doing things to make my job more pleasant (spending time on a side project is becoming important to my well-being).

3. Life life began to click together. This was clearest when I drove to the ferry all sad that my old team was leaving for parts far away and the ending of game nights, and that one of our circle was leaving Amazon permanently. But then I looked up as they dimmed the lights on the car deck, and realized that I was positioned in one of the prime viewing spots of the front of the ferry as it cuts through the water. It was so beautiful that I simply watched the view rather than reading or anything like that.

New! What I like about myself (because if I don’t like myself, how can I expect anyone else to like me?). Um. Might need a little help.

very tired. will try to complete this tomorrow.

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