Commit log #6

Three good things:

1. The goddamned process at work that has been giving me on-call-style headaches has finally cleared up—at least for the time being, until it fails again, probably in the middle of the night, and I actually wish for a damned pager so I can clean it up ASAP, and I hate this part of my job so damn much, and really that’s a huge glaring sign that going back to a pager would only do bad things to me. I DECLARE VICTORY ANYWAYS.

2. Nectarine sorbet, something I actually made myself, using the Apricot Sorbet recipe from Lick It! Creamy Dreamy Vegan Ice Creams Your Mouth Will Love. It actually requires no preparation of simple syrups, though I need to try that sort of sorbet/vegan ice cream some day. Muhahaha, no more Mora’s, I can make my own awesome stuff, and it turns out pretty darn good.

3. Turned in my Hugo ballot, so now I AM FREE to read whatever I want! Currently I’m reading awesome secret stuff.

Fourth thing for extra credit:

4. Even though there’s a mess (or rather a history of messes) with Readercon, people are acting generally well and supportive, except for the weird ones that aren’t. It all boils down to: big-name fans should not get passes for sexually harassing others, which is what happened.

Fifth thing even!

5. My Nintendo 3DS has been encouraging me to take more walks. You get a play coin every 100 steps you take (which I think is too low), with a maximum of 10 coins per day. The coins can be used in a couple simple Mii-based games. I also actually get StreetPass tags, which allows someone else’s Mii to become a warrior or hand me puzzle pieces in the Mii-based games. Like I said, weird.

Reasons why I like myself:

  • At work, ownership is a strong force within me. This allows others to trust me to do my job (even if I don’t like it).
  • Can’t think of anything else right now. Gosh, I self-hate a lot. Not very logical or productive, and something I’m trying to change with this little section in the commit logs.

Life thingies:

How to keep from forgetting what previous commit logs say? I’ve been forgetful in the past. The only solution I can think of is to, every week, go over the previous week’s commit logs and write up a summary in the Sunday commit log.

4 thoughts on “Commit log #6

  1. Good job – good writing about it – both posts.

    And there is another full year before the repeat – let us fervently hope that all your work makes each year end much better.

    Sleep is so important – isn’t it funny how quickly you go to ‘bored’ once the sleep problem clears up a bit and you can see what you’re actually doing? If tempted to relapse in any way, just look back a bit: where you were six months ago, and how much better it is now, are only visible in hindsight. Otherwise, all you see is what you still have to do. No way to live a life.

    Forward. Stronger. Doing it your way. Learning what works. There are plenty of times in life to be critical (in the assessing and evaluating sense) of how and what you are doing; it is foolhardy to beat yourself over the head with it when positive reinforcement works so much better (and you would have done better in the past if you could have, so dump that one, too).

    Dump the past when you’re through milking it for information, and shrink anything left into a little thing you can use to calibrate the present.

    Good job. Remember, the ONLY response allowed to a compliment is ‘thank you.’ And of course enjoying the compliment. If I’m relentlessly positive (learned the hard way), it is only because you – and others like you – are so very hard on yourself. After a while it balances better.

    Glad you’re bored – you will have some thinking/writing time.

    • Thanks!

      And yeah, a job where the work gets done pretty early in the day leaves more time for filling in little side projects and the like. So there’s that aspect of it all.

  2. Mmmmm. Nectarine sorbet. So is the fruit so sweet it doesn’t need the addition glucose from the simple syrup? If so, should also work with peaches and mango. Pineapple is also super-sweet, but it’s got that magic enzyme that guarantees mystery.

    • Oh, the recipe called for plenty of sugar, just didn’t require creating a syrup. I do want to try it with peaches!

      Pineapple sorbet is something I must try too.

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