Commit log #8

Three good things:

1. The great if pricey Japanese place on the island is open once more, and I had a dish I’ve not had since college: bulgogi. It was better than the college town version, and came on a bed of crisped rice noodles. I mostly ate rice with it. Then finished it off with Mora’s strawberry sorbet. Which reminds me, time for some nectarine sorbet, to finish it off.

2. I started coding again at work, and got most of a lot of documentation finished. Hoorah. I’m wrestling with Javascript and Rails for the first time (though I’ve worked with ruby for a long time), and it’s… interesting, actually. Makes me wish for CoffeeScript though.

3. Secret draft I’m reading is pleasing in a Jane Austen fantasy kind of way.

I didn’t mention TEAAAAAAA because that’s going to otherwise become like a default #2 or something, and the exercise of discovering/seeking the good in life would be somewhat diminished.

A thing I like about myself: um. Well, last time I mentioned ownership. This time, it’s how quickly I can learn something technical. That’s always been a part of me, and hasn’t gone away. (I wish it applied to all parts of my life.)

Life thingies:

I’m starting to learn that I do best with my decisions if I think about something, and then let my brain percolate on it while I do something else. This leads to a kind of multi-tasking, with my conscious mind taking care of some task and my subconscious (or, the peeps in the basement) works on solving some other problem. Today was a long string of that at work.

Well, I have to keep doing all that I’m doing until it becomes a habit.