Commit log #39

Tea Time

Three good things!

1. Labor Day weekend! Sure, it’s just an extra day, but it’s still better than a normal weekend.

2. I made up for half a day missed at work, and it didn’t hurt (that) much. It was even kind of fun to work in the until-recently abandoned office.

3. Great meals eating out today. I got to visit my favorite food spots. We’ll see about visiting the others tomorrow.

It was a pretty awesome day.

Writing stuff: I’ve been reading 45 Master Characters. I think I may put the book down and keep on writing, and later use the book as an analysis tool, to keep from falling into the “gosh, that seems a good formula” trap.

Man, I’m so confused about where to go next. The middle really does have an amazing number of directions the story can take, which is what makes tackling it so hard.

I think I will sleep now though instead of trying to tackle problems when I’m way too tired.

4 thoughts on “Commit log #39

  1. I think I will sleep now though instead of trying to tackle problems when I’m way too tired. has been a profoundly helpful thought for living with bipolar, although I’m not always able to remember it in the moment.

  2. For writing, think about the end. If you had an end in mind when you started, it will guide you because only some of the possible middles lead to that end.

    If you didn’t have an end in mind, maybe thinking about it now (and telling your subconscious to work on the problem) will help. It doesn’t have to be a fully-realized end.

    If you’re the kind who prefers to see where the story leads, the above probably won’t work for you, but regardless what direction you end lies in, at the end of which middle path, there IS an end. So maybe you can question each middle choice – to see where it might end.

    I seem to always have a solid end to aim for, a point I’m trying to prove, a version of events I want to justify. It’s the way my mind works. Writing ends up being like a jumprope: I know the fixed ends, but it can get very twisty in between if I want/let it.

    I’m just about to follow the same advice: get some sleep. Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I opened up my ancient Macbook 1,1, doubled the RAM (to the max it can take), switched in a HD 12.5 times bigger than the original, and got it back up and running as a system with only a few hours of online reading (it is OLD), 3 sets of swapping things in and out, and two trips to the hardware store (didn’t have the right Torx screwdriver). I am taxing my brain on purpose (you don’t want to know how old I am!) and it felt good.

    Rest needed.

    Only unfortunate consequence is that surfing the web is now MUCH faster.

    • I’m starting to think I should turn it into a serial and let the story develop how it may. Make a choice and stick with it, and let the ending take care of itself. I do have an idea of the ending—because I’m an incurable romantic—but getting there is the hard part.

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