Commit log #60

Power Grid

For the 60th post, supposedly the number of times needed to do something to form a habit, I will fill in all the happy things!

Three good things:

1. Picked up a few volumes of the Flight series, featuring imaginative stories told through sequential art. They remind me of the days spent watching Long Ago and Far Away when I was a kid.

2. Finally beat the first scenario of The Hobbit Saga expansion. Didn’t get the treasures, but I might manage to do so on a later play—then it’s onto the second scenario!

3. Received Flash Duel and enjoyed the solitaire mode, something I never thought of for Knizia’s original En Garde, which Flash Duel is largely based on (though with the addition of asymmetric powers and multiple play modes, including cooperative play against a dragon!). I only played with one character, but she definitely felt like her Puzzle Strike version (not Persephone, by the way).

I know there’s an entire multi-site flamewar about whether Sirlin Games is violating moral grounds for using the base mechanics of En Garde in the first place. I don’t feel like linking to any part of it, or even reading more about it than what I already have.

These days I’m starting to focus on boardgames again over writing, if only because my current story has dead-ended with the motivation for one of the main characters making no sense, which will take the girls downstairs some time to solve.

4. I reduced some of the chaos in the house. Not nearly enough, but I’ll get there.

Thing I like about myself: I donate to good causes.

And so to bed. I really want to play the Lord of the Rings LCG and Flash Duel and Asara and Sentinels of the Multiverse… but I’m too tired for it to be truly enjoyable.