Commit log #64

Napali Coast

Three good things!

1. I’m not sick anymore! Now, am I contagious? I do not know. :( I need to go into work to accomplish some stuff I can’t at home… and I’m out of tasks that I can do at home.

2. I spent some time playing games, in particular Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. I completed Passage Through Mirkwood three times in record time for me, and managed to get the treasure in the first Hobbit quest. (Spin, spin, goes Tolkien in his grave.)

3. I wroted some stuff that might actually be half-decent. Not quite so sad now, but I need to start discovering what the hell my characters are like.

and so to bed

2 thoughts on “Commit log #64

  1. You are probably not contagious any more, but are suffering from the aftereffects of having your body fight an infection off.

    You WERE contagious right before you came down with the symptoms that made you stay home. So don’t be surprised if people at work have the same thing you do – after all, you didn’t invent it out of thin air. If you didn’t develop enough immunity, you could even get it again (and some things are contagious every single time you run into them).

    Wash your hands a lot. Sneeze into the crook of your arm if you don’t have a tissue. Drink plenty of fluids. And take extra care not to go in and fix everything that went awry while you were gone in one fell swoop. That just exhausts you and renders you more likely to catch something else.

    And write: a nice solitary activity where you can’t possibly infect anything but someone’s mind. Hehe.

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