Commit log #66

I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back on comments, I’ll try to do so tomorrow… er, I mean, later today.


Three good things!

1. Dominion night is always a good thing. I had a lot of fun, even if I came in just about last in every game.

2. Won my second game with an Elrond deck against Journey Down the Anduin. (Spin, Tolkien, spin!) I know, it’s kind of overpowered for the old quest (the second of many later on) but I’m still getting used to the card combos, and it’s still a well-put-together scenario.


4. ThinkGeek shirts that arrived yesterday are very comfortable to wear and lovely to boot. This morning I wore my “You always remember your first Doctor” shirt and a kid on the ferry excitedly yelled, “She has a TARDIS on her shirt!” which made me proud and warm inside. Sometimes it’s the little things that brighten a day.

5. I’m no longer sick, or at least I no longer feel sick!

and so to bed.