Commit log #72

Madonna - Seattle, WA - 10/3/2012

Apparently Madonna was in Seattle recently.

Three other good things!

1. GAME NIGHT. Well, more like Dominion night! Well, possibly more like Dominion Hour. Still, I put together a strategy, and I TIED for first place with 56 points! I pumped my deck full of money and Margraves, bought three Expands, and went on from there.

2. The Mice and Mystics series on Watch It Played is quite amusing, as Watch It Played always is.

3. I’m getting ready for a gaming session tomorrow in Middle Earth. I always think of the Ferry Terminal as the Grey Havens. Hopefully my LotR:LCG gear will not be too cumbersome. I really need a tighter binder for the Book of Mazurbul though.

And so to bed.