Commit log #95

1. Hit my NaNoWriMo daily goal and then some, albeit with a meta-narrative character party.

2. Enjoyed my final day of vacation by being a writer. I really like it. But I’m one of those folks who go crazy without human stimulation, so it looks like I’m keeping the day job and writing on my commutes and weekends. Good thing I have an Asus Transformer; I won’t be writing anything of mine on the work laptop, and the Transformer is light enough to bring along. I really want to keep up the writing past NaNoWriMo, so I’ve been taking things as easy as possible with a daily quota; filling it and no more unless I really, really want to, giving the girls in the basement time to come up with stuff. Although sometimes it’s not enough time, but maybe I just need to lay more mulch.

3. Bulgogi.