NaNoWriMo Day 11

18380 / 50000 words. 37% done!

I almost missed this day.

And I ended up writing a lot of text that was an exploration by each of the protagonists and one of the minor antagonists about the implications of the previous scene. This text probably will be mostly excised in the next draft, but apparently brainstorming like this is part of my writing methodology.

So far, I think that’s the most important part of NaNoWriMo: using the intense writing days as a way to find out how you work as a writer. It took me multiple NaNoWriMo years to even get this far. Yeah, NaNoWriMo can net you a draft zero, but most importantly, it gets you to write.

I’m going to take some of Wendig’s advice and figure out what to write for tomorrow, so that I look forwards to my next writing session instead of dreading that it comes because what will I write and all that fuss.