Commit log #103

Three good things.

1. I just realized I’ve been committing NaNoBloMo (I think it is called) by virtue of already posting just about every day. I think it might not fit the qualifications of being about significant things, but these commit logs seem important to my well-being, so I’ll keep them up. Plus I’ve been writing more substantial stuff about my writing every day this month (almost).

2. You know, I did make an awful lot of observations about omniscient POV, I should try using some of those in the rewrite. Yes, the rewrite, for the zero draft I’m having enough on my hands as it is discovering the story as I go along. Sometimes I just need to agitate the characters together to see what happens—I notice that, with mere events, I can plan those, but the moment that characters interact all my plans go whizzing out the window.

3. Showers feel nice at the end of days. *hugs shower, which she never thought she would do*