Commit log #108

Three good things.

1. Simpson & Vail’s dessert teas. Always awesome. Better hits on their dessert teas than their more regular black teas, I feel, but that’s just my opinion.

2. 3000+ words written! And they’re probably eventually salvageable, sort of, at least their descendents will live, after a savage rewrite of savageness!

3. Learned how to use index cards in a way that works for me. That 7 words per each rule really focuses things. Helped me rearrange existing text as well. I basically create stacks of index cards in Scrivener, even if that stack contains but one card/file. It’s just more consistent, and I’m tucking away the various random bits I’m writing into their slots. It works well, and has helped me move past a lot of my older, ramshackle plot points to future ones. Well, this and beat sheets.

And so to bed.