Commit log #110

Three good things.

1. I have discovered that the key to good Simpson & Vail tea, at least their blacks and reds, is that the water must be boiling. Otherwise the flavors just don’t get released. This led to displeasure at work, and much pleasure at home, and I believe that work will just have to be where the Kusmi teas live (they thrive in less than boiling water, even the black teas). Unless I get a tea kettle for work, which I’m thinking of doing.

2. Pho days in the cafeteria are always good lunch days.

3. I’m actually getting into a routine! Granted, I’m going to have to get better about going to bed earlier, but routine! Yay! If I’m a little more disciplined, I can get in an hour of writing a day even during a non-NaNoWriMo month, possibly two if I use the commute time (but I’m always bushed out during those times…).

Also I’m thinking of creating something for my own use for ROW80.