Commit log #117

Three good things:

1. Ouran High School Host Club. I haven’t watched it recently, but memories of it nicely fill my head and I am pleased, especially the ending song, which is reminding me of where I want Seal Tales (current iteration of the first arc) to end. Or, heck, NaNoWriMo itself.

2. Getting a good sense of what I’ve been doing this month. A jumble of bones, incomplete skeletal remains to assemble into a real skeleton once I’ve established some distance from the work. I’m going to reach AN ending, or multiple endings, depending on how I’m going to handle a bifurcation in the possible final act.

3. Aeon Timeline looks really neat, as does Scapple. I may need to utilize these organization tools for constructing my long-term arcs, especially if I’m going to particularly expand on a multitude of characters.