Commit log #125

5 / 35 days. 14% done!

Three good things:

1. Saw the bartender. We’re trying to come up with strategies for the holidays. He’s attacking the core of the problem, rather than peripheral issues. Or rather, I should be doing that. He wants me to be more active in my participation with the holidays, rather than passively getting shredded by memories.

2. I ate a salad today for dinner! I ate something decent for lunch! I did not do so well for breakfast, but I bought locally from our gluten-free bakery-and-coffee-shop, although the additional vegan add-on category is limited to only a few options. But they made me a chai with soy milk. That was pleasant.

3. Soaking up story. Not writing so much. But soaking up story. Not sure how much good it’s going to do. ETA: Wrote 1000 words. Woot. Draft Zero here I come!

4. Mandarin oranges are awesome, especially when they are (mostly) seedless.