Commit log #138

So remember yesterday when I said, about forging in-person relationships,

I don’t know how to do this, really, in a world that involves occupations instead of scholarship. It’s easy enough to make friends with classmates (well, relatively easier), but you get into dangerous territory when it comes to coworkers. Conflict of interest if things go poorly, for one thing.

Today I was supposed to be spending time after hours at the rented office place writing performance reviews. I got one peer review knocked out, but then there was an office social, which was only supposed to be for an hour, so after I got some dinner I went to it. And had a pleasant time speaking to people, all of whom…

… all of whom… practically all of whom…

… don’t work where I do.

And the one person who does I don’t even know about.

No conflict of interest.

Yeah, I’m going to keep this at the “socialization” aspect and not go too much further. Going further would be disastrous, given that I am a poisonous friend to have.

On the downside of things, I didn’t get time to write the other peer reviews, but I wouldn’t have been able to do that anyways. I always have to visualize for a solid hour or so per person what I want to write for them before I can actually do it. So I did, at least, that. I guess it’s like any other writing I do; I have to visualize it before I can write coherently. And if I don’t, it’s eggs-even whether what I write makes sense.

I feel scared. Just scared.


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