Commit log #141: Button Eyes and Agency

I watched Coraline, the movie, and found it lacking compared to the book. I know that the book and the movie of the book can almost never be the same due to the different characteristics of the mediums, but storytelling is storytelling. I don’t have any complaints about Coraline’s new friend; I just have issues with her agency, which is less in the movie compared to the book.

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For eating, today is the first day of leftovers from Panaeng Tofu night. I’m making the rice anew each night as I go along, and saving leftovers for weekend or Thursday fried rice. There’s enough left over for a second day of leftovers, which is a bit of a relief, as I have Cats to watch before I need to return it to the video store.

I haven’t been eating my veggies in the evenings (I need to fix that), which makes me glad I have a part-veggie breakfast casserole in the mornings. Breakfasts have been fulfilling to the point where I skip lunch during the day: they consist of a piece of breakfast casserole, two slices of bread with Dairy-Free Herbed Cream Cheez (man, it’s so much better than the Tofutti stuff), and some trail mix (in particular, Duckabush River, which uses dairy-free dark chocolate pieces). The other half of the trail mix is a snack on the commute home.

And so to bed.