Commit log #148

Now that that’s (temporarily) out of my system…

I don’t know where to begin. I backed some projects on KickStarter and PeerBacker. I donated to Con-or-Bust and RAINN. But every time I donate or back, I feel immensely sad and it doesn’t let up. It’s like: do they want my money or will they throw it back into my face for being such a putz? Do I deserve to give them money? What if they don’t really want me to give them anything because I’m such an awful person?

Oh well. Someday I will learn to ignore my head ramblings when they get to that tone.

I guess I’ll hold off on killing myself, as there’s no telling what people will need, and being dead would kind of get in the way. Plus I’m pretty sure I’ll be amused with all the ebooks I’m racking up (ebooks make for an easy-on-the-shipping prize for crowdfunded projects these days). And there’s a new Marla Mason book coming out in several months from now, and Timothy Pratt will write me a story, so there’s any number of reasons to keep chugging along. New episodes of Elementary. That kind of thing.

Boy Meets Boy is also pretty good so far.

So there are good things. I’m just not sure they outweigh the bad thing (me).

4 thoughts on “Commit log #148

  1. Wondered where you were.

    To be helpful: if I EVER have a Kickstarter, and it actually goes to completion )two very big IFs) I PROMISE, here and in public on the Internet today: I WILL take your money.

    Now you don’t have to worry about that one.

    Have spent many hours today – and I WON! Learned how to post a serial novel, get all the links to work (I think – and as far as I can check them myself), and signed it up at Maybe karma throws all the little irritating things so you don’t realize you are now Blogging! Serializing! in front of the ENTIRE world. Now everyone will know your weaknesses – and how badly/goodly you write.

    Glad you’re still here.

  2. Oh, girl. The screening quiz for ‘do you deserve to give them money’ is very short, and goes something like this:

    1) Do you actively market cigarettes to children?

    2) Have you ever gone on the record saying rape can be “legitimate”?

    3) Have you killed more than ten people?

    If your answer to all questions was ‘no’, you can donate money and people will be happy to accept it. Really. People get a lot more selective about giving their own money away, but when it’s you giving money to them, they are very very broadminded.

    To put it another way, you are so far from being an awful person that you could not see Awfulness even with binoculars.

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