10 thoughts on “I Hate Myself

  1. Cyberhugs.

    Just rescued a bunch of daffodils from a snowstorm with very granular tiny hail and a huge clap of snow-thunder – I thought a meteorite had blown up in the atmosphere, it was so loud. The forsythia is just about to burst into bloom. It’s been winter long enough.

  2. More hugs also

    If you were just a follower of this blog would you hate the writer?

    I don’t.

    i hate myself because of ‘x’. but I would never hate a friend just because of ‘x’.

    Hearing that someone did ‘x’ you might be saddened or disappointed but not spend 2 hours going over every mistake they ever made. But you will berate yourself for that long and more.

    if you won’t do it to a friend don’t do it to yourself. Easy to say hard to do.

    • You’re right. It is so hard to do. I guess it’s because we are our own worst enemy. This would seem to behoove that we become our own best friend as well, but it’s really quite difficult. :(

      Thank you.

  3. More Hugs for you.

    Self hate is hard to fight.

    You beat yourself up over things you don’t even notice in someone else.

    Would you call someone else the things you call yourself?

    You ‘know’ you don’t deserve it but teat yourself at LEAST as well you would treat someone else.

  4. I was reading a recent essay by Ursula Vernon, and thought I should recommend it to you.

    You know how you have been writing stories and then having to re-write them?

    She is a published author, now working on a story-game. And she said, “First of all, I’ve had to do a lot of tearing out and re-treading because I didn’t know what I was doing. I don’t feel this was wasted time, because it’s not like there’s any other way to learn…”

    I thought you would want to know that happens to everybody. It is part of the design process.

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