iPad Caving

So, I caved and finally bought an iPad. I have numerous devices now, which isn’t a bad idea given that I’m thinking of spinning up creating ebooks again. I augmented the iPad with a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, which is pretty darn neat, although I always turn off the keyboard when I’m entering in account information (so that I don’t allow people to sniff that particular information—Bluetooth has issues with security in that sense).

I actually have been using my iPad for quite a few things that I used to use my Asus Transformer for. I’m not fond of the insecurity of the iPad keyboard, but I can (with care) live with that. But it turns out I can read IntenseDebate comments using Safari on the iPad (even though I can’t do it using Chrome on the Asus or the Nexus, nor Safari on the iPhone. No idea what’s going on there), which gives it a leg up on the Android devices.

However: the Android devices are definitely better at being smart. Being able to access the entire system as a file system is much better than being stuck with the iOS jail—and I have no desire to jailbreak my iOS devices given the way that Apple tends to react to such things.

Something nice about the Logitech keyboard: it’s big enough to type on, yet thin enough to be a good cover, and also short enough so that I can sit in my car and type away after pulling my seat back. I wasn’t able to do so with the Asus Transformer.

The other reason I caved and got an iPad was because of all the boardgames available on it. From Ghost Stories to Yggdrasil to Small World, they’re only available on the iPad. Universal games are much better on the iPad too. And Amazon Instant Video is available for iOS when it’s not for non-Kindle Android devices. So I guess I’m pretty happy thus far. IAWriter is much better than Write on the Android, as far as Dropbox integration and the ability for “middle scroll” and focus mode goes.

All in all, pretty damn happy with my iPad. But walled gardens, like the App Store, whether it’s Apple or Amazon, have a tendency to cramp style.

Cons thus far with the iPad: no access to Mantano Reader, which is the best ebook app I’ve ever seen. Totally get it if you have an Android device.

One thought on “iPad Caving

  1. DH got an iPad mini for his 65th from eldest son – and has no time to play with it, so it’s mine, all mine! Er…

    Facetime on it works extremely well with sons on the other end – beats Skype for convenience (they have iPhones).

    I got a couple writing programs, and it was delivered with an external Bluetooth keyboard – works very well, except that I tend to take my old MacBook and use Scrivener – so I have all my research with me. I did try it out on the plane – worked fine. The mini is more like a big iPhone with two cameras; fits easily in my purse, as does the nook color middle son gave me for Christmas – just right for having something with me to play with.

    Enjoy yours. I’ll look into some of the games you suggest. The Kindle for iPad option makes it very easy to read on it.

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