Life on a Boat

Mother’s Day has come and gone, and I spent the weekend conscious and at a friend’s place. We watched Tipping the Velvet and Doctor Who “Crimson Horror” and “Nightmare in Silver”. I talked a bit about my parents; it was the usual horror show.

We ate a lot of sheep cheese and goat cheese. There was no halloumi so I suggested (thank you, Mark Spoils) slicing up a normal goat cheese log, dipping it in egg and then rolling it in ground-up walnuts, and pan-frying it. With a honey goat cheese log, this experiment resulted in absolute deliciousness. As for the sheep cheese, I brought along some very solid sheep cheeses from Town & Country. All of these paired well with the Blue Diamond artisan gluten-free vegan nut crackers.

I felt safe with two other people in the place. I didn’t take any Xanax even! (I actually left the bottle at home because I didn’t want to be tempted.)

We were going to play games, but all we managed to play with me in such a state was Settlers of Catan, using the two-player variant (along with the Catan event cards) in Traders & Barbarians. I’m so happy that the two-player worked out! I worried that it might not; but the trade tokens were the perfect addition, as well as the dummy players that took up good spaces on the board.

I’ve just showered and feel pretty good, except for the part where I forgot to pack another morning’s worth of meds, which may mean I go home early today. Or not; I have been able to survive single days with late meds, so hopefully that’s also today. I honestly look forwards more to going home than to anything else at this point… save the new job position. Which unfortunately won’t be for several more weeks.

All in all, life is pretty good. I’m going to work shortly. Thank gods there isn’t a long extended ferry ride (but on the other hand, there isn’t a long extended ferry ride).

2 thoughts on “Life on a Boat

  1. Cyberhugs for being proactive – it must be unbearable sometimes when all the associations are not true for you, and you have them constantly pushed on you.

    Re: pills. I still sometimes forget to take mine (morning or evening ones), but have found it useful to get enough pill boxes (dollar store) so that I can set up the meds for a month at a time. If I have indeed forgotten, the pill boxes make it easy to determine that I’ve missed a dose: it’s sitting right there. Without that I have to rely on my memory of whether I’ve taken them – and CFS memory can be very, very bad.

    Anything you do daily needs a little routine. I have so many sometimes I feel like a robot (okay, if we’re in the basement, stop and do ‘the exercise’ on the gym machine – 3 sets of 8 reps. Over a long time, it may help me walk normally again.)

    It’s hard to do with meds that are prescribed on a short-term basis, but you COULD do a month’s worth – and then carry the LAST day’s pills with you as an emergency supply.

    I’m write at home, so the minute I remember I didn’t take them (sometimes not until it’s time for the next dose), I have them right there with me. Then I have to decide whether to take them or not when it’s late, but at least I KNOW for sure. Many a time I used to not take pills I needed because I couldn’t remember if I’d already taken them – and didn’t want to take them twice.

    The little routines help when your mind plays tricks on you, but have to be set up in the good times: I’m not coherent in the bad ones. (Sorry I’m long-winded – not enough sleep.)

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