Spiral Knights for Beginners

This is a series of video tutorials about various techniques in Spiral Knights aimed at beginners, especially those new to MMORPGs in general.

Most recent video

#4 Swords and Gun Puppies

Techniques on how to deal with gun puppies for the enterprising swordsperson.

Previously in this series

#1 Room of Ice Blocks

Dungeon tactics: dealing with rooms filled with monsters and ice blocks and not dying. Applicable to all Tiers, although this video was shot in Tier 1.

#2 Kiting and Bombs

What is kiting? And why do people always say to kite with bombs? These are the answers.

#3 Shielding and Charging

How can a shield be used offensively? How can handling a sword be like handling a bomb? Shield bouncing, shield canceling, sword canceling, and more!

Future ideas for videos

  • Crafting and Trading how-to
  • Effective charged attacks (basic, Calibur spin, Troika smash, Flourish thrust, Brandish explode)
  • Not dying on the first floor of the Royal Jelly Palace
  • Not dying on the second floor of the Royal Jelly Palace

I actually can’t shoot guns worth a dang yet, so any videos about gunslinging are on hold, possibly indefinitely. And, um, I’ve yet to survive the Jelly King. Just so you know.

Link to Spiral Knights forum thread.

9 thoughts on “Spiral Knights for Beginners

  1. I enjoyed these! They illustrate some great concepts. I just started playing the game and I liked this a lot. Thanks for that!

    And you don’t have to be the best player to be a great teacher ;)

  2. Really enjoyed these educational tut videos! I had only been playing for 2 days when I found these. The third day I practiced them, and on the forth got to the bottom of Tier1! Awesome! I discovered that I really like to Bomb/Heal. Hope to meet you in game. Maybe we could do a run or two together?


  3. Very useful videos that I’ve come acrooss! Especially the shield/sword cancelling maneuvers that you showed in the first videos.

    Just practice to implement them!

  4. Thanks a bunch for the awesome videos! They have been very useful in my clockworks travels. I am particularly fond of using the shield bumping, and have never heard of it before.

    It has saved me many times from hordes of enemies that have surrounded me!

  5. Thank you very much for doing these tutorials. I just discovered this game last week and would LOVE to see videos on crafting!

  6. I’m really loving your blog. I have found it very helpful as a reference for group play and bombing in general as a noob. One thing I wanted to add about the gun puppy video, was that i seem to notice that gun puppy bullets go through other gun puppies, rendering them pretty useless as shelter ^_^. (or was that a lag issue or something)

    • Thanks, Lailo!

      Somehow bullets passing through gun puppies wouldn’t surprise me. It’s odd that they won’t pass through exploding blocks, except the rocket gun puppies do explode exploding blocks. Should have gotten a clip of hiding behind a single sole three-hit block while red rovers whooshed fire over it in Tier 1, but sadly I’d turned off the screen recorder at that point.

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