Writing on the Stage: Flashing and Twittering

There are some forms of fiction that I thought I’d never touch. More fool I.

When I decided to Become a Writer, I just knew that I would be writing novels. The real treasure troves lay in books, and it’s certainly true that you have leaped over an important barrier when you’ve published a book.

Somewhere along the way I grew up and decided that my way of conquering the nightmare auditorium was going to be more gradual than for others. First, there’s the ongoing blogging and the freelancing, which replace the harried newspaper reporter phase in the growth charts of writers past.

Then there’s the ongoing short fiction. Very short fiction.

Step 2. Flash Fiction.

Photography: Mshades

I had always blown off Flash Fiction as a dead end, and not something that would help me on the path of the Great American Novel. I primarily thought this because Flash Fiction is extremely short–pieces end up in the 500-1000 word range, maybe going to the 2000 word range but that’s getting into “short short story” area.

I had respect for short stories, but flash fiction just seemed too trivial.

For some reason–whether it was because I’d had too much caffeine, too few meds, or had gone crazy in trying to promote the blog–when I stumbled across my first Flash Fiction Carnival, I decided to try it out. Continue reading