New on Kindle: October 14th

This week it’s Ballantine, Knopf, and HarperCollins (as always). Plus a honor entry from Random House.

Caine Black Knife by Matthew Woodring Stover

Buy: 8.00

Stover’s new book is this week’s Big Idea feature over at John Scalzi’s new Whatever digs.

The Fire: A Novel by Katherine Neville

Buy: 9.99

Ciphers, conspiracies, intricate plot threads. Hello, Da Vinci Code a la secret chess games that spell out the formula for immortality.

The Watchers Out of Time: Fifteen soul-chilling tales by H.P. Lovecraft and August Derleth

Buy: 8.00

In Strange Aeons even Death may die, but good stories never do.

A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire

Buy: 9.99

We return to Oz. No, not that Oz… the Oz of Wicked fame.

Ghost Radio by Leopoldo Gout

Buy: 9.99

The undead and the dead start calling in to a radio program, and this is not a good thing.

Multiple X-Files Books

The X-Files: Antibodies by Kevin J. Anderson

Buy: 6.39

Man-made plagues and death-killing-or-life-saving machines.

The X-Files: Goblins by Charles Grant

Buy: 6.39

The very first novel based on the X-files, somewhere in the second season. Murders by a seemingly invisible criminal.

The X-Files: Ground Zero by Kevin J. Anderson

Buy: 6.39

Ugly, bizarre nuclear radiation deaths starting from that of a research scientist and wending randomly onwards.

The X-Files: Ruins by Kevin J. Anderson

Buy: 6.39

Missing archaeologists amidst ruins calling to aliens.

The X-Files: Skin by Ben Mezrich

Buy: 6.39

Skin graphs turn people into murdering raving lunatics. No wonder; they seem to originate from techniques in a village where a god called the “Skin Eater” resides.

The X-Files: Whirlwind by Charles Grant

Buy: 6.39

An unnatural disaster and a serial killer work hand in hand to hack people into bloody bits.

Young Adult Books

Selkie Girl by Laurie Brooks

Buy: 9.99

Figuring yourself and your path out is that much harder when it turns out that you’re a Selkie—and your Selkie mother is being held captive by your not very sane father.

Corydon and the Fall of Atlantis by Tobias Druitt

Buy: 9.99

The monsters of the Greek myths—from gorgons and hydras to a half-snake woman—led by Corydon, the son of Pan, must rescue the Minotaur from Atlantis. A sequel to Corydon and the Isle of Monsters, which is unfortunately not yet on the Kindle.

Damosel by Stephanie Spinner

Buy: 9.99

The Lady of the Lake enters disastrous dealings with Merlin when the boy who would be King, Arthur, is in dire need of protection.

Tender Morsels by Margo Lanagan

Buy: 9.99

Liga and her daughters have grown up in safe haven all their lives, until they are forced to survive the world at large, pursued by enemies (which include bears).

Random and Highly Appropriate for These Troubled Times Non-Fiction Pick

Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Buy: 9.99

Hello, Stock Market Crisis of Late ’08 That Might Actually Still Continue Onwards Thanks to Credit Risk Still Being Incredibly High According To the T.E.D. Spread.