I'm Getting Paid for Blogging for the First Time Ever

Yes, it’s true. My first paid blogging post evar is here:

Twittering on the Global Frequency

I’m now a blogger for Tor.com, which I didn’t apply for and certainly never thought would happen. I tend to avoid paid writing positions because, while my non-compete wouldn’t eat me in all cases, well, when it can one tends to avoid thinking about such things. Especially when one is very busy with work and life.

When Pablo Defendini, the producer for Tor.com, invited me to become a front page blogger, I pretty much fell over. When I recovered, I checked a few things out (my non-compete is a bit mean) but as it turned out, yes, I can blog for them—well, that was awesome. Is awesome.

Mind you, I’m not really all that special. There are many people out there who are better than me at this sort of thing, and many people out there who are SF&F folks who’ve won awards and publish and edit real things. Still, I must be doing something right.

So now I get a little money out of blogging. If I’m semi-diligent, it’s enough to pay off the hosting costs for Spontaneous ∂erivation, and a bit more besides should I want to explore more possibilities hosting-wise. The commitment is not enough, in neither time nor money nor interest and all that entails, for The Company to come after me, so I’m content.

And I don’t have to set up ads here. Not that I ever would, but I’m cutting loose every subscription ((Actually, the Kindle is not a subscription, although you can have subscriptions on it. Amazon pays for the data plan. That’s kind of neat.)) and similar right now, and while S∂ would be cut last, the fact that it can be sustained means it lives.

I have ideas for more Tor.com blog posts. And more ideas for S∂ as well. The writing doesn’t end in either place.

I have some stuff to get to tonight—Twitter and a few blog comments on both sides and all that. But now, I must work for The Company and try not to blow up the home planet.