Reality is Real

Just a small post to note a couple things I get from 1mg of Abilify ((Note: plus all the rest of my medication.)) taken at night, in addition to some, though incomplete, mood stabilization. ((Please don’t feel like Abilify must work for you if it doesn’t. Medication acts differently for different people. Likewise, this is not the post where you tell me your woes with Abilify and how I should feel bad that it works for me, or to claim that it doesn’t work for anybody. I do not take kindly to such comments.))

I no longer need lists of nightly tasks to do. I think it’s possibly because sleep is starting to hold fewer fears for me, or something.

I no longer need lists of morningly tasks to do. I’m almost certain this is due to being able to realize that dreams are not real upon waking.

Things no longer appear in the shadows. I sleep in the dark; in fact, I’m finding it hard to sleep with the lights on like I used to.

My theory at the moment is that my bipolar I really did come with a touch of psychosis. That doesn’t help with the PTSD; or, rather, it helps it too much.

I’m pretty certain that these effects are not placebo effects. I came into all this assuming that Abilify wouldn’t work, nor that it would work like this even if it did work. Although all the media articles about how psych medication doesn’t really work worries me, because that’s kind of a dangerous assertion to be making without a degree in psychiatry. Oh well.