Delightful Lunch Boxes Full of Games

So as you may or may not know, work has been less than satisfying, to say the least. Thus I am going to engage the Delightful Thing Every Day emergency program until at least my transfer date. I’ll try to blog every day about it. Lots of d20 rolling, in other words.

So, delightful thing of the day: a Star Trek lunchbox full of card games. And meaty card games at that. Well, a tendency towards meaty. Let me count the ways! Or at least, the card games.

Bohnanza. A card game fueled by trading. Super interactive and simple to learn, and supporting 2 to something like 7 players, it’s perfect to bring to game nights for something a little bit meaty.

Citadels. A classic, also supports 2 to 7 players. It’s role selection with hidden information. You use the abilities of your role to build districts, get money for those districts (which will yield points at the end of the game), and also interact with other players.

Flash Duel. This is an upgrade of Knizia’s original En Garde, and I know there’s plenty of controversy surrounding it for that reason. But it’s a good game nonetheless, with special powers and additional team play options as well as 4 versus 1. Supports 1 to 5 players.

Innovation. In addition, its two expansions, separated rather than mixed together. With rather unique mechanics, this is one of the few civilization building games that completes itself in 30 minutes. Supports 2 to 4 players.

Race for the Galaxy. In addition, its three expansions minus any cards that refer to prestige or player fighting. So it’s the base game plus more variation; no need for the extra complications of those two rulesets. Simultaneous role selection, in spaaaaaaaace.

Glory to Rome. I haven’t yet played this, but despite its cartoony artwork, it’s supposed to be a pretty awesome game. Role selection as well using a follow-the-trick mechanic, with cards that serve multiple purposes. Probably the most complex game of the lot.

Currently I’m contemplating adding San Juan, which is role selection as drafting combined with buildings with special abilities. It’s a toned-down version of Race for the Galaxy. It would replace the current odd-ball Coloretto, which is very much a filler.