Fun Facts About Tor's Free eBooks Authors, Part 2

Photography: tvol

More about some of the authors featured at Tor’s Freebies Bonanza. Here was part 1.


Reiffen’s Choice – Fantasy – Book 1 of a Series
by S. C. Butler

I don’t know if he likes bears in real life, but he does like writing about shape-shifting ones. Also, he writes a monthly column for SF Novelists, with entries like Why I Like Jane Austen and E.E. “Doc” Smith.

Sun of Suns – Science Fiction – Book 1 of a Series
by Karl Schroeder

Among other things (like being a cool user of Plone), he’s involved with technological foresight work for the Canadian government.
You can also get another novel of his, Ventus, for free at his website.

Four and Twenty Blackbirds – Alternate History – Book 1 of a Series
by Cherie Priest

Gal blogs a lot; hooray for writers-what-are-bloggers! And also she’s got a really good About page, as well as columns over at SF Novelists.

Spirit Gate – Fantasy – Book 1 of a Series
by Kate Elliott

Here’s another site of hers with great articles related to writing. She’s also been featured on John Scalzi’s The Big Idea series.

Starfish – Science Fiction – Book 1 of a Series
by Peter Watts

He knows cool stuff about marine animals! His older novels and short stories are available on his site for download under the Creative Commons License. PDFs are available for all, and MobiPocket for the books.

Touch of Evil – Fantasy – Book 1 of Series
by C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp

A dynamic duo in paranormal romance, it’s rare that two authors can work in tandem so well. (They each have also published separately.) Cathy also wrote a list of articles about writing.

A Shadow in Summer – Fantasy – Book 1 of a Series
by Daniel Abraham

His short story, The Cambist and Lord Iron, is 2008 Hugo nominee. He has a great deal to say about fiction and writing.

Orphans of Chaos – Fantasy – Book 1 of a Series
by John C. Wright

His blog is quite fun to read and I highly recommend it. Bloggers try not to bore; he doesn’t seem to have that problem.

The authors of books 18 – 24 will be covered tomorrow.

And now I shall go cuddle with my Kindle.