Why Law Enforcement Don’t Listen to Parents That Often

Recently in the news there has been general hue and cry at the fact that the police or FBI or what have you did not take parental warnings seriously for a couple of nutters who ended up (a) blowing up his undies, but potentially harming a plane full of people, and (b) shooting in front of the Pentagon and getting killed, wounding two police officers, and could have killed them.

Why didn’t the police or FBI take these parents seriously and arrest their children?

This is because most calls to the police or FBI about children are from insane, controlling parents who want their children put into a “safe” place, e.g. locked up in prison so they can be visited, and often when said kids are over 18 years old. Or even older. Or put into jail and owing bond to their parents for that extra guilt trip. Either way, to these parents, it’s about getting the ultimate control and shame over their sons and daughters.

My parents made many calls to the police while I was in college, even though the most exciting thing I ever did was study in the basement and forget to call them at our “special time” every single night, claiming everything from me being a missing person to me needing to be put under “observation” because I was crazy and had separated from them. If I had ever accepted a car from them during that time when I was trying to reconcile with them, they would have called the police and have them arrest me for stealing the car.

In case you think that the police surely would know better than to listen to my parents because of records of my father’s physical abuse, think again: most abuse never goes reported. Because then your abuser would kill you, because you can’t keep abusers without bond unless, well, they commit murder.

What a fucking mess.

Anyways, the next time you get upset that the police didn’t lock up someone because they were warned by the parents… that’s why.

And yes, these nutter parents have made warning the police or FBI at all for something legitimate pretty useless. Be angry at them, perhaps. Not that this will make the world better, but at least you won’t be mad at the wrong cause.