This Bugs Me

I ran across an article written by someone with a Ph.D that says abused children do better with their abusive families than in foster care.

And of course, Google turns up a lot of related posts/articles wherein people say, “Don’t stick your nose into other families’ problems just so you can grab a kid! Shut up!”

There are two interpretations I’m taking so far, with varying degrees of horror:

  • That my teachers and high school counselor and even college counselors before 2000 or so did the right thing by either ignoring the situation or encouraging me to stay with my parents.
  • That foster care is so much more horrible than abusive situations where the biological/main parents might kill the child because foster care is that awful.

Yes, I ran into this after I had to cancel my appointment with my bartender due to oncall, and it was really unavoidable this time… and I had been doing better… and then….

I’m just going to accept that I like the Overherd because I do, and not try to Google for any more studies on why this may be the case, because I keep running into crap like this. I know that Ph.D really just means Piled Higher and Deeper in so many cases, and there are Ph.D folks who do not have their heads up their asses, but I’m tired.

(I’m not even mentioning people who are attempting to redefine PTSD to apply to a smaller number of veteran cases, presumably because there can’t possibly be that many traumatized veterans! I mean, just because we’ve got a bunch of people fighting a couple wars right now can’t possibly increase the number of cases or anything! /sarcasm)