New on Kindle: February – Early March, Part I

There’s a lot of catching up to do. Part 1 of most likely more than 2 and up to 4 even.

Lamentation by Ken Scholes

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Do you miss good fantasy world-building?

In Lamentation you’ll find a far-future war brewing between kingdoms against a background of culture and history that’s forgotten us—but remains, as ever, extremely human. Yes, there is magic.

There’s quite a bit of free material out there if you want to explore the world of Lamentation a bit:

Free short story for everybody:
A Weeping Czar Beholds the Fallen Moon

Free story for members of (registration is free):
Last Flight of the Goddess

An excerpt from the history of The Named Lands:
An Excerpt from The Rise of the Named Lands: A Brief History of the Settlement of the New World and the Establishment of Kin-Clave

Free previews:
Prelude and Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Author speaks:
An Unexpected Novel and the Influences Behind It
Interview with Jay Lake (YouTube)

Truancy Origins by Isamu Fukui

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The prequel to Truancy, read about the origins of a future totalitarian city with an oppressive school system that makes Little Brother look like Judy Blume… and the underground group of students who will take it down.

Act of Will by A.J. Hartley

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A heist-and-caper novel set in a fantasy Elizabethan England, where an unlikely and highly pragmatic hero, normally a playwright, ends up on a mission to Save the World.

The Knights of the Cornerstone by Jack Du Brul and James P. Blaylock

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A reclusive cartoonist, who normally resides in California, is sent a mysterious package from a relative to deliver to his uncle in New Cyprus—and discovers that the package isn’t what it seems, and that his uncle is part of an organization that originates from the Knights of Templar, entrusted to salvaging and protecting magical artifacts. Of course, nothing works as planned.

Death’s Daughter by Amber Benson

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She wants a normal life, for Chrissakes. She didn’t want to inherit the family business.

But when Death is kidnapped for a non-Holiday, she must take his place—but that’s proving to be harder than simply returning home to chair Death, Incorporated.

A Drop of Red by Chris Marie Green

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She likes to kill things. In particular, vampires. After the events of the previous book, Break of Dawn, she leaves Hollywood for England to exterminate the next vampire lair and perhaps work out some problems. This is, of course, never easy.

All of the previous books are also available in the Kindle store:

  1. Night Rising
  2. Midnight Reign
  3. Break of Dawn

Coyote Horizon by Allen Steele

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A return to the world of Coyote, a series of Golden Age Heinlein-esque stories about interstellar colonists settling the Coyote planet, seen mostly through the eyes of adolescents Wendy Gunther and Carlos Montero. In this novel, Coyote has been partly settled by the hjadd, a mysterious alien race, who’ve opened up an embassy—but not necessarily anything else.

The previous books are also all available on the Kindle:

  1. Coyote
  2. Coyote Rising
  3. Coyote Frontier
  4. Spindrift

The Alchemist’s Pursuit by Dave Duncan

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The third book in the Alchemist series, a medieval alternate history where the cranky Nostradamus’ powers of prediction are real, and he and his apprentice Alfeo Zeno solve murder mysteries.

The previous books, The Alchemist’s Apprentice and The Alchemist’s Code, are also available on the Kindle.

Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews

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Atlanta: a city where magic and technology struggle in a never-ending battle for reality, and Kate Daniels lives by the sword. A different kind of urban fantasy.

The first book, Magic Bites, isn’t available on the Kindle, but the second book, Magic Burns, is.

Corambis by Sarah Monette

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The fourth book in a fantasy series tracing the adventures of an uneasy partnership between court magician Felix Harrowgate and assassin/cat burglar Mildmay the Fox.

The previous books are also available for the Kindle:

  1. Mélusine
  2. The Virtu
  3. The Mirador

Sins & Shadows by Lyn Benedict

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The beginning of another paranormal private investigator series, starring Sylvie Lightner, in a world where Greek Mythology can really kick your ass.

The Good Ghouls’ Guide to Getting Even by Julie Kenner

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High school life can really suck, especially when vampire jocks kill you. Of course, you’re just undead, but it’s not really a life enhancing experience in this world. So Elizabeth is going to take some pages out of Salem’s Lot and see how that works out.

The Shadow Queen by Anne Bishop

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A new book in the fantasy series The Black Jewels, a world of three parallel fae realms (and Hell) with a caste system based on the magic in your blood (or, perhaps, lack thereof).

All but one of the previous books in this series are available for the Kindle:

  1. Daughter of the Blood
  2. Heir to the Shadows
  3. Queen of the Darkness
  4. Dreams Made Flesh (not yet available)
  5. Tangled Webs
  6. The Invisible Ring

Deathwish by Rob Thurman

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Another book in a supernatural P.I. series involving Cal Leandros, half-human, half-monster, all detective. And you really, really don’t want to meet his family.

The previous book in this series, Madhouse, is also available on the Kindle.

Flatlander by Larry Niven

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All the stories of Private Investigator Gil “The Arm” Hamilton, science fiction mysteries set in the future.

The Better to Hold You by Alisa Sheckley

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You are a veterinarian. Your husband comes back from Romania as a werewolf. Discuss.

Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon

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Paranormal romance, involving witches and the men who hunt them (who lose a piece of their soul if they happen to kill someone who’s an innocent witch, rather than someone who’s sold their soul to demons).

The Caryatids by Bruce Sterling

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Three sister-clones of a Balkwan war criminal must try to save a world that is self-destructing environmentally, geopolitically, and economically.

(Hmmm. That kind of sounds like today.)

Oh, and they all hate each other.

The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett

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A vicious plague of demons has reduced humanity to a post-apocalyptic state, hiding in small villages protected by magic wards, or so they hope. Young Arlen, Leesha, and Rojer grow up in different wards, but find they must explore the dangerous world for themselves.

For writers who wonder a little about the editing process, Brett can tell you more.

The Temporal Void by Peter F. Hamilton

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The sequel to The Dreaming Void, where a Second Dreamer has triggered a galaxy-ending expansion of the Void. Chaos results.