New on Kindle: Ringing in the New Year

The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights by John Steinbeck

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Who knew that the writer of The Grapes of Wrath also dabbled intensely with the legends of King Arthur? He took the time to translate and adapt the tales from the original older English, although he never completed his work.

The stories:

  • Merlin
  • The Knight with the Two Swords
  • The Wedding of King Arthur
  • The Death of Merlin
  • Morgan Le Fay
  • Gawain, Ewain, and Marhalt
  • The Noble Tale of Sir Lancelot of the Lake

The Foretelling by Alice Hoffman

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A rather violent YA novel about a girl who grows up in a tribe of Amazons and begins to question their ways. Bad luck, since she was born out of the rape of the queen and the nightmare prophecies aren’t helping.

“Some stories are born out of misery and ashes and blood and terror.”

The Ghost Sister by Liz Williams

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Continuing with Liz Williams’ earlier novels, we have a science fiction tale about a violent people on a foreign planet, a sickly-born woman of the tribe who happens to be out of sync with the “bloodmind”, and an anthropologist sent to bring peace and healing to their world.

Starcraft: I, Mengsk by Graham McNeill

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The Mengsk family has always been in rebellion against an empire-building Terran Confederacy, and Arcturus Mengsk’s task of dismantling the empire hasn’t gotten any easier what with all the alien invasions.

In the Blood by Adrian Phoenix

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Another paranormal romance involving a beguiling vampire rock star ((Industrial/goth rock, if you must know.)) in conflict with his past, a special agent part of a corrupted government agency who falls in love with him, and mysterious opponents both on the side of the government and the side of the nightkind seek their destruction.

Also available on the Kindle is the prequel, A Rush of Wings.

Starfist: Wings of Hell by Dan Cragg

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Last covered with Starfist: Recoil on New on Kindle’s Black Friday, the most recent cycle of the Starfist series continues with its 13th book.

Familiar Vows by Caroline Burnes

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He’s dashing, he’s daring, he’s independent, and he solves mysteries and crimes, often wondering why he’s helping out these random unlucky and lonely people, like Lucas Stone, a rebellious cop unfortunate in affairs of his heart. Maybe it’s for the caressing and stroking. Maybe it’s for the tuna.

Short, dark, and a handsome black cat if we must judge by the cover, in this latest of his series, Familiar sometimes narrates and always intervenes in the activities of one Lucas Stone and his uncomfortable relationship with photographer Michelle Sieck.

No, he does not turn into a man. It’s not that kind of paranormal romance.

There are quite a few of these books, and if you like this one (the first time I’ve seen a book available on the Kindle before it debuts in Real Book Form), you’ll want to pick up the Fear Familiar bundle, with the first six books—all currently out of print—for the price of $14.37.

Echoes in the Dark by Robin D. Owens

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A singer with magical talent, and who lives in another dimension, is recruited to fight against the Dark, an alien force overtaking the planet. Part of The Summoning series, not all of the books are yet available on the Kindle.

The current run-down:

  1. Guardian of Honor (not yet on Kindle)
  2. Sorceress of Faith (not yet on Kindle)
  3. Protector of the Flight
  4. Keepers of the Flame
  5. Echoes in the Dark

Hammer of God by Karen Miller

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The last in the Godspeaker trilogy, about two empresses at war with one another, one an untried and pressured princess, the other a bloodthirsty and violent rags-to-rule story (which was also the main subject of the first book).

All three books are currently available on the Kindle:

Polar Quest by Alex Archer

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Archaeologist Annja Creed returns with her sword from Joan of Arc, this time she’s helping out a colleague in a dig where the temperatures are deadly cold—in Antarctica.

When will all these archaeologists learn that you never find anything good in Antarctica? She’s lucky it didn’t turn out to be an Alien temple on the Predators’ visiting list. Of course, cursed necklaces and government assassins aren’t something to sneeze at either.

The series is a long-running one, and here it is in full detail (plus Kindle availability):

  1. Destiny
  2. Soloman’s Jar
  3. The Spider Stone
  4. The Chosen
  5. Forbidden City
  6. The Lost Scrolls
  7. God of Thunder
  8. Secret of the Slaves
  9. Warrior Spirit
  10. Serpent’s Kiss
  11. Provenance
  12. The Soul Stealer
  13. Gabriel’s Horn
  14. The Golden Elephant
  15. Swordman’s Legacy
  16. Polar Quest