A Quick Note on the 2008 World Fantasy Awards

See Jeff VanderMeer’s thoughts on the World Fantasy Award finalists, where he wonders about “a lack of daring on the part of the judges”.

He’s got great taste of course (loves Territory, check; likes John Klima’s stuff, check; likes Acacia, check).

Out of the novels that he suggests might have been on the board, these are available in the Kindle store:

I definitely agree with him about Acacia‘s worthiness; I’m not sure about The Terror but it’s indeed a strong and gripping work; the others I haven’t read and have no comment on.

He also notes the lack of nominations from any online sources—such as the luminary Clarkesworld Magazine, which produces storytelling of exquisite strangeness like Darja Malcolm-Clarke’s “The Beacon”.

(I am sooo not gonna mention much of Helix, which, like it or not, has managed to give online magazines a black eye. But I think online mags would have been skipped over regardless of whether Helixgate had or hadn’t exploded onto the scene.)

Locus is definitely part of the old guard, if we’re going to start using terms like that. I don’t know. I hate the idea that the generations are splitting up, and yet perhaps it’s unavoidable.

Does this pondering happen every year? I mean, I know about the o noes Sf iz DEDZ meme, but are we starting a “the generation gap” meme (or at least pushing it into full force)?

I dunno. I just want to read good stuff. In as wide a spread as possible. I am rather pleased that I will die before I get through it all.