A Quick Thought on Healthcare

I am an upper-middle-class person.

My friends are upper-middle-class people.

My coworkers are upper-middle-class people.

We are all scared as hell about losing our healthcare, whether it be mediocre, non-family-sustaining, or virtually complete.

We are not scared of losing it to the government, whatever they do with a public option.

We are scared of losing our jobs, and then having nothing, and having our families suffer or even die of existing conditions that we have to choose between eating or paying for.

We are afraid that there will be no public option.

We are afraid in this economy where there is practically no job security.

My friends who happen to be consultants or run small businesses are extremely afraid of the not-impossible scenario of being run out of business by costs levied by insurance companies against individuals and small businesses.

And we are upper-middle-class software engineers.

Think how much worse it is to not be so.