Update on the Returnability of Books (With Respect to Breaking Dawn)

Someone on the comment thread here said it best:

That’s some strong hatin’ when you return a book. There are books that I don’t like, but I’ve never returned one and said, “Here, take this sh!t back! DNW!!”

I’m one of those people, so I’ve never really taken a close look at returns (outside of Amazon’s system for the return of physical goods). This is new territory for me.

Book returns are apparently happening nationwide for Breaking Dawn. People have discovered that

  • Barnes & Nobles will take returns within 14 days, with receipt.
  • Borders still uses the old-fashioned return-within-30-days, with receipt.
  • Amazon.com has an automated return system for paper books, within 30 days.
  • You can call Amazon.com’s customer service (or send email) to return your Kindle e-book version within 7 days.

I have never seen people turn this fast, this ugly, and in large enough numbers to screw Amazon rankings against a popular author whose books they have been devouring for the last few years.

Update: Or immediately start knocking over the Wikipedia page for the book and causing the admins, less than 48 hours in, to lock the edits for the page. Fascinating.