Stanza: Great On the iPhone, Less So On the Desktop

I remember LexCycle’s Stanza mostly as Just Another Ebook Reader, not something that could be placed on a mobile device. I was impressed with the number of formats it reads (and, in many cases, writes). However, I soon learned its limitations on links and table of contents, which is to say, it had none at the time.

After that unpleasant experience, I was done with Stanza.

Some time later, apparently Stanza as an iPhone app is very tricked out—a lot of cool functionality, and, finally, tables of contents functionality. I personally didn’t know about all that, not having an iPhone.

Chapters on an iPhone Stanza instance

After watching the video on Feedbooks’ iPhone/iPod Touch help page ((It’s also available from LexCycle’s movie page, but not as an embedded video.)), I’m pretty happy about the situation, present and future, of Stanza on the iPhone.

Stanza on the Desktop though? While it’s great that it enables remote sharing of books with the iPhone Stanza, the desktop app is still not the most useful of readers. I don’t know if it’s even in LexCycle’s best interest to make Stanza Desktop any better reading-wise, since the iPhone application has taken off.

Conclusions: Stanza iPhone, spectacular. Stanza Desktop, still dead to me.