FTC Disclosures

I know it’s not necessary anymore, but I thought it would be interesting.

You see, I write reviews for Kindle books, with very rare exceptions (case in point: Terry Pratchett’s Unseen Academicals). Because the Kindle allows me to take notes (and also sync it across multiple Kindles), it becomes my review buddy to bookmark interesting quotes and toss out thoughts and revelations as I read the book. Later on I can search my book/my notes.

People think I’m a decent reader, but the fact is I’m very bad at reading and lean heavily on notes. Unseen Academicals was particularly hard for me to review because my paper bookmarks weren’t as accessible, and I couldn’t really do direct highlights without hurting the physical book. (Highlights are awesome on the Kindle, because it’s a wonderful, automatic, and quick way to create notes for later.)

So. Anyways. I review books for the Kindle. As a result, there are very, very few publishers who are willing to let me (or anyone else) have eArcs. In fact, they tend to treat me as a possible criminal who will totally like distribute their stuff over bittorrent, even though I’m not and I won’t (and with a professional presence on Tor.com, can’t afford to be so anyways). The only one who doesn’t so far is Angry Robot.

Sigh, oh well, it means I buy almost all of the books I review, although I get reimbursed by Tor.com for the ones I review for them. Though that still has its downside: if I want to get reimbursed these days, I need to actually review the book, and if I suck in picking books I want to actually review, well….

Disclosure of my reviews, then:

Bought, without reimbursement:
The Graveyard Book
An Evil Guest
The War with the Mein
Pirate Freedom
Leave it to Psmith [physical book]
A Fire Upon the Deep [twice]
Zoe’s Tale
Little Brother
Saturn’s Children
Blood and Iron
The Last Colony
Halting State

Bought, with reimbursement from Tor.com:
Ghost Ocean
The Orphan’s Tales
Norse Code
The Ghost in Love
The Eye of Night
The Shadow Pavilion
The Stepsister Scheme
You Suck!
The Devil’s Eye
All the Windwracked Stars
Death from the Skies

Free review copy relayed from publisher via Tor.com:
Unseen Academicals [physical book]

Free review copy relayed directly from author:
Tides From the New Worlds

Free review copy relayed directly from publisher:
F&SF Oct/Nov All-Star Issue [physcial issue]
The Yiddish Policeman’s Union [physical book]

Registered Hugo Voter free copies:

Public domain
Psmith, Journalist
Psmith in the City
Mike and Psmith

I buy so many books on my own and then review, that I’m pretty surprised that people still suspect my motives are impure. And I’m very tired of that.

Mind you, the FTC seemed to briefly think that the motives of people who got physical review copies were also impure. But the ebook thing is probably going to last until publishers get a clue.

Le sigh.