GenderAnalyzer: S∂

man.gif GenderAnalyzer claims that S∂ most likely written by a man—specifically, a 71% chance.

My Sherlock Holmes blog (which sorely needs updating) is also 71%-possibly-written-by-a-man. Not too much of a surprise.

And my fiction blog, surprisingly, is 74% likely to have been written by a man. And I thought my fiction was a bit effeminate. Okay, it is a bit effeminate or else it would have hit strong 90s.

I wonder why it thinks I’m only in the range of 70% a guy?

Actually, the really funny bit is that my LiveJournal, which is more or less a 100% mirror of my main blog, is in the range of 70% a gal.

I guess it must be my About pages, because they’re not present on my LiveJournal. And if they’re strong enough to swing the vote from 70% one way to 70% the other way, I think… well, that’s interesting, anyways.