Bento for 2009-11-23

And my gods, homemade applesauce is awesome.

Breakfast Bento: awesome applesauce, Bob’s Red Mill Old-Fashioned Muesli, satsuma slices.

The awesome applesauce is from this recipe Natalie L. recommended. I halved the water for the slow cooker version; I also needed to halve the lemon juice, not because I don’t like lemons but because you generally halve the liquids when converting recipes for the slow cooker. Five hours later, boom, it was done.

The smooth texture is the result of applying an immersion blender to the results. It is quite excellent with muesli. I used Jonagold apples because that was what I could find. I really want to find Cortlands next time. Which will be soon.

I guess this bento container is my official breakfast bento thing. By the way, when I store it, it folds in and nests upon itself like this:

Lunch Bento: slow cooker chicken curry ((It’s okay; use a better wine than I did.)), French bread ((Safeway’s bakery, which, on the island at least, turns out amazing preservative-free stuff.)), huge grapes, amazing applesauce, muesli to put in the sauce.

Oh, so yum.