I Just Noticed This

Ever since I got my Kindle, I rarely print stuff anymore.

I’ve had computers and laptops for over 10 years now, and still I printed.

When I find reference material on the web (like Arkham Horror rulings), I have discovered that my iPhone, while in color and ultra-connected and shiny, is just too small.

With my Kindle, I can send the HTML to it. Actually I often do a little formatting of my own and usually email full-fledged mobipocket files direct to my Kindle.

And the Kindle is somehow the right size and the right look for the next eight hours so. With Kindle 2 there’s even the ability to search the individual “book” to, for instance, determine how Endless interacts with random Otherworld encounters.

So: I’m happy and trees are saved. As for Arkham Horror, the world was devoured by Azatolth.

Can’t win them all.

P.S.: Just sent a Word document with a new Return of the Heroes variant in it directly to my Kindle, and it came out nicely. Score.