My Lack of Optimism About This Thing with Mel Gibson

Yeah, see, Mel Gibson is apparently an abusive fuck.


RadarOnline has heard a tape in which Mel Gibson tells the mother of his child, “You look like a fucking pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault.” There’s more.

He apparently has also punched his wife in the face hard enough to break teeth and cause concussions.

He sounds a lot like my father. Right down to the blatant racism and anti-semitism and insanity. Right down, in point of fact, to people saying, “He got physical, not violent.” Excuse me?

His wife finally got her restraining order against him, but now there’s a custody battle. And even if there wasn’t a custody battle, I generally conclude that in cases of insanity like this, restraining orders only lead to one thing: the abuser coming after you repeatedly until either you are dead or they are. ((Actually, sometimes this happens anyways. I never managed to successfully get a restraining order against my parents… I salute her for being able to do so, but fear for her.))

Or you’ve managed to run and change your identity a few times, etc etc etc, which is kind of like stabbing your soul repeatedly, and may not be possible with a small child in tow.

If Mel wins custody of his child, I fear for the child, for they will simply become a nearby focusing point for his anger. That never goes well.

I can only look at this piece of news and see death on the table. There’s just no good way out without serious damage, possibly fatal. It’s not to say there aren’t ways out—it’s just that this is going to be like watching someone trying to do the Water Temple level in any of the Legend of Zelda games without the armor/clothing/whatever that lets you breathe underwater.