Who Is This Norman Spinrad Guy?

Ah, so that’s who Norman Spinrad is. Thank you, Wikipedia! I did like “The Doomsday Machine” (here’s Tor.com’s rewatch). I did not otherwise really remember him.

On the other hand, now I will remember him.

Jason Sanford has the skinny. You have to read it to believe it. It starts along the lines of “There is really no non-European SF”, then leads to “Mike Resnick is a better black writer than Octavia Butler”, and….

At the moment, the reaction is mostly tweets of anger, shock, disbelief, and HEAD ASPLODE. Just search Twitter for “spinrad”.

But Tobias Buckell ((Tobias Buckell’s books are awesome by the way, and they are also all available on the Kindle now, as well as the ever-popular paper format!)) put it best:

Norman Spinrad. Tool.

And now, Mr. Spinrad, this is how I’ll remember you.