You Don’t Know Me

Desert Leader, © Hamed Saber, Creative Commons Attribution License

Many people really don’t know me.

In fact, considering what my closest friends assume about me, I’d be pressed to put it at 100% of people really don’t know me.

The problem, I think, is that they tend to know me either only in real life or only online. The shocker is when they finally meet the other persona they don’t know.

In real life, I’m the girl laughing out loud, smiling, hugging people; giggles unstoppably, bordering on flirtatious. Ditzy in all senses of the word. ((I’ve said before, either here or on Twitter, that I learned a lot of social tics from the television shows. Seriously, y’all, your prime time TV is kinda scary.))

Online, I’m a bit more… composed. My best friends (who are IRL friends) would say, “Coherent! With an attention span!”

Logically I must be, since I hash out code for a living, but I am almost entirely illogical in social situations. ((May I repeat: your sitcoms are scary.))

In real life, people think I’m stupid. ((Or, at least, smart in an extremely narrow band.))

Online, people think I’m erudite.

Man, people really don’t know me.

But it is ever so amusing to watch them be surprised. I think it’s probably why I keep up the stupid/smart insane/sane offline/online act: because watching the cognitive dissonance is full of awe, and then some, and that makes awesome.

So now you know.

(Inspired by John Scalzi’s Portrait of a Closet Introvert musings.)