New on Kindle: Ace, Daw, Pyr(ish), Roc, and Tor for October 28th – November 7th

It’s not just the end of the previous month/start of this month. It’s also the coming holidays. Thus I’m breaking up the New on Kindle lists by groups of publishers, starting with all the ones with three letters in their imprint name. This is surprisingly many. (Eos is not covered, because it’s grouped under the parent publisher HarperCollins in the Kindle store.)

All the Windwracked Stars by Elizabeth Bear

Buy: 9.99

I have more or less a total mythopoeic reader crush on Elizabeth Bear. I also love her weird blend of fantasy/sci-fi. This one promises Norse gods and apocalyptic cyberpunk. I mean, what more can you ask for?

V: The Original Miniseries by Kenneth Johnson and A. C. Crispin

Buy: 9.99

The original V mini-series is back in print. Most people welcome the new alien tyrannical overlords with Hitler complexes, but not a small band of resistance fighters.

V: The Second Generation is also available on Kindle, but reviews seem more mixed.

An Autumn War by Daniel Abraham

Buy: 15.42

For those of you who remember A Shadow in Summer from the Tor free eBooks bonanza, its sequel An Autumn War is now available.

Fortune and Fate by Sharon Shinn

Buy: 9.99

The latest book in the Twelve Houses fantasy series. Dark Moon Defender and Reader and Raelynx, the two books preceding Fortune and Fate, are also available on the Kindle (although not the rest of the series).

Deryni Rising by Katherine Kurtz

Buy: 1.95

Yes, $1.95 as of this writing! This is the first book in the first cycle of the Deryni series, published back in 1970. Another book in the first cycle, High Deryni, is also available.

For a more recent (and standalone) novel set in the same world, see King Nelson’s Bride.

Kris Longknife: Intrepid by Mike Shepherd

Buy: 6.39

Space opera with a strong female protagonist. Part of series, you can find other books in the Kris Longknife series in the Kindle store.

The Clone Elite by Steven L. Kent

Buy: 6.39

The latest in the Clone series, preceded by The Clone Republic and The Clone Alliance. This series is only missing Rogue Clone (the second book) in the Kindle store.

Dragon Blood by Patricia Briggs

Buy: 6.39

Part of a duology, the first book, Dragon Bones, is also available for the Kindle.

The Flame and the Shadow by Denise Rossetti

Buy: 9.99

A paranormal romance set in a fantasy world (as opposed to urban fantasy) involving a demon-plagued dark sorcerer and a fire witch.

The Devil’s Eye by Jack McDevitt

Buy: 9.99

The fourth book in the far-future mystery Alex Benedict series, fresh off the presses (so to speak). The second and third books, Polaris and Seeker, are also available on the Kindle.

Bloodring by Faith Hunter

Buy: 5.59

Post-apocalyptic ice age fantasy where a mage named Thorn St. Croix must locate her abducted ex-husband in a world of Seraph-controlled government and constant war with Hell. The third book in the series, Host, is also available.

Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk

Buy: 5.59

Debut paranormal urban fantasy set in a parallel Portland, Oregon.

The Black Ship by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Buy: 6.39

The second book in a high seas fantasy series, of which Cipher is the first.

Heir to Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier

Buy: 9.99

Part of the world of the Sevenwaters trilogy, including Daughter of the Forest, Son of the Shadows, and Child of the Prophecy. And yes, BINGO! All are available on the Kindle.

Better Off Undead by Martin H. Greenberg

Buy: 6.39

Greenberg is the master of the science fiction and fantasy themed anthology ranging across all kinds of fictional temperaments, and this time it’s being undead—and loving it!

Green Rider by Kristen Britain

Buy: 7.99

She flunked out of dueling school, but comes across a murdered Green Rider, one of the emissaries who cross the land with horses and magic to carry important messages, like horrible fae invasions about to spread across the land. Karigan takes it upon herself to deliver the message instead—and of course much danger and intrigue follows.

The Golden Tower by Fiona Patton

Buy: 9.99

Second book in the Warriors of Estonia fantasy series set in the magical city of Anavatan, where the Gods walk among men. This sort of thing almost never bodes well for characters in books, but it does bode for interesting times for the reader.

Cybermancy Incorporated by Chris Roberson

Buy: 3.99

The roots of the Bonaventure and Carmody families in two novellas and a series of short stories, characters often mentioned in Roberson’s other novels (which are published by Pyr). Long out of print, now revived on the Kindle and extremely enthusiastically recommended by Michael Moorcock.