Lonely Gamer: How Can You Like the Mimix?

Let me be upfront here. I’m a feminist. I’m also a female (in terms of biological gender, gender-assigned-at-birth, and gender identification) who doesn’t fit in the Western (or indeed, a lot of Eastern) standards of what a woman should be. On top of that, I’m bisexual, always nice for being accused of either lying or of being a wolf in sheep’s clothing, casting my (Heterosexual) Male Gaze upon women, while ignoring the fact that I myself am subject to and feel the (Heterosexual) Male Gaze intensely when engaging in most media.

So if you’ve ever seen the Mimix cards in the Blue Moon game ((It’s like a CCG complete with deck construction, except with streamlined powers instead of complicated ones, and while there are expansions, there are no randomized packs.)), you might wonder why someone like me would like them at all. After all, the entire faction is composed of mostly half-naked women. Prime example:

You could claim that I’m just titillated by female porn. But the fact is that I actually can’t enjoy the typical female porn, where nubile young women are posed in a submissive manner, often pouty-lipped in both places, if you know what I mean. It turns me off something awful.

But the Mimix do, I admit, turn me on. But not sexually; they turn me on because they’re powerful. They’re not drawn for the Male Gaze: there are no melon breasts, no curvy-wurvy hips or buttocks; and they are poised for battle or for grace, and not for sex. They do come in pairs, but not lesbian making-out ones (at least, not on the cards).

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