New on Kindle: February 3rd

Mortal Coils by Eric Nylund

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What are you going to do when you and your twin find yourselves at the heart of a custody battle between a goddess and… Lucifer himself? Three trials and three temptations and a grandmother out of a Dahl novel.

Undone (Outcast Season, Book 1) by Rachel Caine

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Cassiel is a Djinn of utmost power. Well, was. She was cursed and bound in human flesh as punishment for defying her master, and now she lives among us. And an old enemy is hunting her.

Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson, Book 4) by Patricia Briggs

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Another volume in Briggs’ smash hit paranormal romance series featuring shape-shifter Mercy Thompson. The other three books are also available on the Kindle: Moon Called, Blood Bound, and Iron Kissed.

Maelstrom by Taylor Anderson

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The final book in the Destroyermen series, where ships from different worlds are caught in time and thrown into other dimension. Peace is not a feature. Crusade and Into the Storm are also available for the Kindle.

Duplicate Effort by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

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Miles Flint is fighting a war on two fronts: first, with the usual corrupted power brokers, and second, with his daughter Talia running off to find her five other clones.

And for $1.59, you can find the Hugo-nominated novella that started the series in The Retrieval Artist and Other Stories, as well as eight other stories featuring Rusch’s characters from various series.

Crime Spells by Martin H. Greenberg

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Another themed short story anthology from Greenberg, this volume features paranormal crime fiction.

The stories:

“Web Ginn House” by Phaedra Weldon
“The Hex is In” by Mike Resnick
“If Vanity Doesn’t Kill Me” by Michael A. Stackpole
“Witness to the Fall” by Joseph E. Lake, Jr.
“The Best Defense” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
“Call of the Second Wolf” by Steven Mohan, Jr.
“The Old Girlfriend of Doom” by Dean Wesley Smith
“Second Sight” by Ilsa J. Bick
“The True Secret of Magic, Only $1.98, box 47, Portland, ORE.”
     by Joseph E. Lake, Jr.
“The Sweet Smell of Cherries” by Devon Monk
“Eye Opening” by Jason Schmetzer
“Faith’s Curse” by Randall Bills
“The Wish of a Wish” by Robert T. Jeschonek
“RPG Reunion” by Peter Orullian
“Treasure” by Leslie Claire Walker
“She’s Not There” by Steve Perry

Lear’s Daughters by Marjorie B. Kellogg

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A climate crisis novel that takes place far in the future, and is chock full of characters and plot. This is a *big* book.

Kiss of Fate by Deborah Cooke

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Paranormal romance. Shape-shifting dragon lovers. World needs saving. Series of stand-alone books. You know the drill.

The other two books in this series, Kiss of Fire and Kiss of Fury, are now available on the Kindle.

MacGowan’s Ghost by Cindy Miles

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A paranormal romance in a Scottish seaside village of a different sort: Gabe MacGowan’s pub, Odin’s Thumb, is haunted by ghosts, including that of his dead wife. He hires Allie, an American exorcist, to help him.

Will she succeed in banishing the spirits to the next world? Can he learn how to love again? Find out.

Counter Clockwise by Jason Cockcroft

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A first novel (but not the first book for Cockcroft; he has also illustrated children’s picture books) involving time shifting and really surreal things happening around you and to your family.

The Last Watch (Watch, Book 4) by Sergei Lukyanenko (Author), Andrew Bromfield (Translator)

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The last book in a famous Russian author’s series, Watch. The other books are not yet available for the Kindle (now that’s something we haven’t seen in a while).

The Princess and the Hound by Mette Ivie Harrison

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A tale told this time by the prince rather than the princess, Prince George falls in love with strongly independent Princess Beatrice, and discovers not only that she can magically communicate with her hound, but finds himself at the center of an ancient legend.

Undine by Penni Russon

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A teenage girl with mystical powers that can bring down storms desires most one thing: to meet the father who supposedly died before she was born. The second novel, Breathe, is also available on the Kindle.

Ingo by Helen Dunmore

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The ties of a tightly-knit family are strained when the father mysteriously disappears, and the kids later discover the underwater world of Ingo, populated by mer-people, and discover that their true heritage is under the sea, so to speak. The story continues in Tide Knot, also available on the Kindle.

Dogs and Goddesses by Jennifer Crusie, Anne Stuart, Lani Diane Rich

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Three women—a coffee shop owner new to town, a web mistress, and an ancient history professor—and their dogs find out that Summerville, Ohio is the center of a supernatural phenomenon involving a goddess who wants to (for some reason) take over Ohio. ((I suppose it’s an Ohio-underpants!-world takeover plan in her head.))

So Enchanting by Connie Brockway

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Little Firkin, Scotland, is home to Amelie Chase, banished witchling, and her guardian, Fanny Walcott. Really strange things start happening when two travelers come by with strange stories tying to both of their pasts.