Help Me, Microsoft Reader Folks

Update: I think we have something that kind-of wins, if you have a proper font, and I don’t know that all Windows boxen have it. Same download link below; I reset the hit counter.

You’re my only hope. And feel free to spread this link.

So I’ve been experimenting with a multi-format ebook workflow: one source, multiple products at the end of it. I hope that when I get it all working together for Shadow Unit Season 2, an episode will take me very little time to compile for multiple formats:

  • Mobipocket (Kindle 1, Kindle 2, Mobipocket Reader, FBReader/iLiad etc)
  • EPub (Sony Reader PRS-505 and later models, Stanza/iPhone, Adobe Digital Editions, etc)
  • PDF with linkage (anything that can read PDF), letter-size for now
  • LRF (Sony Reader all models)
  • LIT (Microsoft Reader)

But I currently have no way to test the LIT file I generated (using calibre, the Swiss toolkit of ebook conversion). If you have something that reads MS Reader .LIT files, and you’d like to experiment and report bugs, here’s the link to the LIT file for Episode 1:

[download id=”34″]

If you’d like to help, you can comment in this post (that’s probably most helpful) or send email to

By the way, if you want the other formats, here’s the relevant post, and you can also look at the Downloads page (link all the way at the top of this blog).