Friday on My Mind: Your Blog Is Fabulous! Meme


Mulluane, blogger at The Old Bat’s Belfry ((Fantasy reviews, in particular reviews of entire series, a highly useful site since series that jump the shark in the middle, or alternatively rise like a phoenix from seemingly unpromising beginnings, are not uncommon.)), tagged me with this meme over on Twitter which just goes to show that you are not safe, even in the Twittermension.

I haven’t done a meme in a long while, mostly ’cause I’m no good at them. But they fill a Friday and I have 30 minutes before Watchmen tonight.

So! This meme’s rules:

  • a. List five things I’m obsessed with and can’t live without.
  • b. Tag five other folks who must stop everything and post this meme.

I’m going to lift the “stop everything” because folks might be going to see Watchmen themselves! *g*

What five things could I possibly be obsessed with and can’t live without? Hmmm. It’s so hard to come up with just one. But I shall attempt it.

  1. The Kindle. I think most of this site will probably explain that. Here’s a shortcut to sensible, everyday reasons but what’s probably more entertaining is How I Met and Married My Kindle.

    (In case you were wondering, yes, it is indeed a movie date tonight.)

  2. Social Media. For me, it’s mostly blogging and Twitter. As a fairly isolated geek when I’m not at work, I get most of my off-time social interaction from them.

    It’s a lonely world out there. And I work 70-odd hours a week.

  3. Fiction. Admittedly, if this didn’t exist, neither would most of the rest of this list.

    I count TV shows here, too.

  4. Zojirushi products. They are the best appliances around. I had doubted this, but I doubt no longer. Their Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker, Mini Breadmaker, Hot Water Dispensing Pot, and yes, even their o-bento-orientated lunch boxes are now staples in my life.

  5. Creative Commons and CopyLeft. Without the latter, I would never have a job as a computer programmer. Without the former, I would despair of the hundred-year longevity of copyright, or alternatively, coming up with license legalese.

p.intro { text-indent: -4ex; padding-left: 4ex; }

Who am I tagging? This is going to be fairly random… but wai hallo dere,

Tara Larsen Chang, illustrator and fellow Washingtonian and home baker;

Jeremiah Tolbert, professional photographer, web designer, and writer of short stories;

Eric Orchard, illustrator as well and also draws the greatest anthropomorphic guitar-playing racoons ever;

Pablod Defendini, professional artist and digital books guy at Tor Books;

J. K. Richard, aka neutronjockey, nuclear mechanic turned SF/F researcher, wow!, also he has horses.

I have a whole ton of you I’d like to tag, but the meme says five, so this is five.

And now it’s just about Watchmen time. G’night!